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Top 10 Formula One Merchandise to buy this season


Got a little inspiration after reading Oliver’s post on his blog, so all of you looking to spend a little this Christmas season may like the following items. A very happy holiday season to all !
Formula One 2007 Review – One of the most interesting seasons of recent times, it never failed to excite us with all its twists and turns, a look back at the magical 2007 formula one season.

Lewis Hamilton’s Diecast car – Well if you are British, you like Lewis Hamilton dont you ? , so what better way to celebrate christmas that to get a replica of his car.

Ferrari Lego Truck – Ferrari F1 Lego truck with all the Pit guys and the Pit Truck and the Car, something i would truly personally love to own and play with.

McLaren’s 2008 Season Calendar – Stay in touch with the 2008 season with this McLaren 2008 calendar.

Michael Schumacher’s Five Ferrari Presentation – Ferrari celebrated Michael Schumacher’s five consecutive victories with this limited edition five car replica. Looks pretty cool.

McLaren Pit Crew Thingie – A cute and fun thing to have your children play with (or secretly play with yourselves.)

Ferrari 2007 Steering Replica – Not for the faint hearted, this baby costs over 1000 pounds, i am sure no one can afford it, but still its a good piece.

Lewis Hamilton T-Shirt – As long as we are talking about Lewis Hamilton, a T-Shirt is also a nice and relatively cheaper way to show your love for this Brit hero.

Ayrton Senna Double S T-Shirt – If you would rather not wear boy wonder on your skin, you might like this Ayrton Senna T-Shirt, good for those nostalgic moments.

Michael Schumacher Record Breaking Cap– And last but not the least Michael Schumacher’s record breaking cap, its a celebration of his illustrious career, the only thing in this list which i personally own.

Hope you enjoyed going through the list ! , remember all links are external.

Written by Formula One Addict

December 2nd, 2007 at 3:24 pm

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