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Formula One Spygate 2 : Renault responds to F1 espionage charges

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Renault issued a statement today denying that McLaren information was used in the designing of their formula one cars. They alleged that engineer Phil Macereth brought this secret information from McLaren F1 and loaded it on Renault machines without permission. The engineer has been suspended and the information deleted as of today. Unlike McLaren Renault don’t deny the information was present on their systems and hence in our opinion will get a lighter term than McLaren who tried to hide facts and get away scot free by misleading the formula one watchdog FIA.
“We have co-operated fully with McLaren and the FIA in this matter to the extent that the team has invited McLaren’s independent experts to come and assess the team’s computer systems and inspect the formula one cars and the design records.

“This is to demonstrate that this unfortunate incident has not in any way influenced the design of the cars.

“We have acted with complete transparency towards McLaren and the FIA, bein proactive in solving this matter and we are fully confident in the judgement of the world council.”

Written by Formula One Addict

November 10th, 2007 at 6:13 am

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