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Spyker is now officially FORCE INDIA formula one team


Vijay Mallya - Force India formula one Team

Wow, i am really proud to be an Indian today, thanks to Vijay Mallya, Spyker will now officially be called FORCE INDIA formula one team as the FIA accepted Spyker’s application today. Vijay Mallya is an Indian billionaire who owns the UB group which in turn owns brands like Shaw Wallace and Kingfisher.

The logo shall have the Indian tricolor, and he also added that an Indian driver in FORCE India is an option but not a priority and shall be decided after due consultation with the team.
The commercial aspect of formula one in India is huge, with it being considered the coolest of cool sports at least in my college.

Just hope he approaches me to sponsor my site :P (message to him below)
Also Kingfisher India Airlines owns, but its not up yet.

Thanks Mr. Vijay Mallya, hope you decide to sponsor our site 😉

Written by Formula One Addict

October 24th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

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