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McLaren not to appeal, Ferrari Wins Constructor Championship,McLaren Bashing Post


Ferrari F1 Team Photo 2007 Belgium

Its official, Ronn Dennis has told the media that he will not be contesting the ban and fine imposed on McLaren for stealing and using confidential Ferrari data.

“We believe the time has come to put this huge distraction behind us,” said McLaren team supremo Ron Dennis.

“McLaren wants to win races and world championships,” he added.

“We are fortunate to have, and continue to receive, unwavering support from our employees, sponsor partners and Formula 1 fans across the world.”

During the spygate scandal we received record amount of hatemail from McLaren fans calling us biased and Ron Dennis honest (76 email messages), while we agree we have a slight bias towards Ferrari, i am sure any misconceptions about the second fact have infact been cleared. This is sort of another McLaren bashing post, you may direct your hatemail via the comments or via the ‘Contact Us’ link.
In the words of one of our contributors, Ronn Dennis is a “lowly trickster”. And what support is he talking about. Yesterday i had went to one of the IITs (smartest brains of India study there) and even diehard McLaren fans were telling me how disappointed they were in McLaren as a team and Ronn Dennis as an individual. (I am sure many Britsh McLaren fans will disagree). the lying loser had actually said this in the WMSC hearing :

Ron DENNIS :Excuse me, Mr President. The documents never arrived at McLaren. You stated that they did, but they have never been at McLaren. I am quite sensitive to this.

Also if you read the WMSC hearings, you will see that Nigel Stepney regularly told on his team. The question raised by McLaren at Australia about Ferrari’s new designs were infact inspired by information shared by Nigel Stepney with McLaren. Their letter to the FIA was completely dishonest and had other intentions it proves.

The way in which McLaren dealt with it was the customary way.¬ We did not point the finger at Ferrari, as we could have.¬ Instead, a very gentle letter was written by Mr Lowe, pretending that this was something that McLaren was intending to do, requesting guidance as to whether this was permissible.¬ We could have been far more confrontational about this, but were not.

All through the Stepneygate scandal he kept on professing McLaren’s *cough* “innocence” *cough* . Many will argue espionage has always been a part of the sport. But this is not really espionage, this is blatant stealing and dishonesty. Will F1 ever be the same ?

Also Juan Pablo Montoya (our blog’s unofficial mascot) has blasted Ron Dennis and called Lewis Hamilton his baby (no pun intended). He said that when he heard about Lewis Hamilton being Fernando Alonso’s partner in the McLaren cars, he felt sorry for him.


“We immediately felt sorry for Fernando because Lewis Hamilton is Ron’s baby,” he said.

“Ron paid for his whole career, so Ron wants him to win and not Fernando. Lewis is like his own child.”

He further goes on to call Ronn Dennis a control freak ::

“He wants to control everything, and Fernando is not used to someone controlling everything and did not like that.”

He also commented on the McLaren-Ferrari Spy saga and the ex-McLaren driver said that what McLaren did was crossing the line.

“It’s just how Formula One is. Teams are allowed to bend the rules too much.

“I always felt like people bent the rules and that some teams were allowed to bend the rules more than others. But this? This is crossing the line.”

And to think that McLaren would have been presumed innocent if Fernando Alonso wouldn’t have spilled the beans on Ronn Dennis and his men. Also Damon Hill and Jackie Stewart did their best to divert attention away from McLaren’s wrongdoings and tried to make it a FIA-Ferrari nexus issue. Hopefully they will remain shut for a while now.

Written by Formula One Addict

September 22nd, 2007 at 2:51 am

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