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Fernando Alonso wins the Italian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso won the Italian Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton came second. Thats that.I have engineering exams coming up and thats why couldnt see the race 🙁

PRESS CONFERENCE at the Italian Grand Prix !!!

Q: Fernando, that looked a perfect afternoon.
FA: Yes, it was. No worries with the car, everything was working perfectly, all through the race, in all the stints, all the tyres, so everything was very good today and this afternoon you just have fun driving the car because the rest is going very well.

Q: And now just three points behind Lewis in the championship.
FA: Yes but nothing changes really. It’s only two points (difference) even if you win the race, so the distance is more or less the same, and the gap is more or less the same. Nothing was decided before the race, nothing is decided after the race and I think it will stay like that until the last race. But that’s not the important thing. For me, personally, after Turkey, I know that I also closed the gap in the championship by two points but I was not totally happy with the weekend. I made a very bad start and then when I managed to overtake the BMW, I was not able to be quick enough to pressure the people on the podium. I really arrived here very focused and I want to make five finals, from here to the end, and I will go for it.

Q: You must be pleased with the outcome of your new approach to the weekend.
FA: Yes, but sometimes you make all the effort you can and things go wrong, for whatever reason: you have a puncture, you have a gearbox problem or whatever, either in qualifying or the race, and there is always a compromise after you have anything like that, so I’m happy but I know that there will be some more difficult weekends. What cannot change is my level of concentration and my level of push for this championship.

Q: Lewis, tell us about the overtaking manoeuvre with Kimi?
LH: I thought it was fairly straightforward. I was fortunate to be out on new tyres, and Kimi was on the harder compound but obviously had done quite a lot of laps on heavy fuel, so I knew that I had probably a maximum of two laps to get past him. I closed the gap after the first lap and made sure I optimised my exit from the last corner. I was surprised that the slipstream wasn’t as much as… normally I would have thought I would have passed him before the first corner, but I had to actually do it on the brakes. But nevertheless, it was quite close. He closed the door, it was very fair. I didn’t think I was going to make the corner but somehow I did and obviously it was a very very important point in the race. I needed those points, so I’m very very happy with it.

Q: You spoke a moment ago about vibration on your first set of tyres. Once you came in, did the vibration go?
LH: Yes.

Q: In the last stint you seemed to drop back from behind Fernando, were you just taking it easy?
LH: I was ten seconds behind and I know that when I was a couple of seconds behind him, I couldn’t catch him so I pushed for the first couple of laps, I didn’t particularly know how many laps I had left but I was pushing and I when I saw Fernando ahead of me, he was very fortunate with traffic, he would always catch them just before turn eleven and get past. I would catch them in the wrong place and have to lose half a second. But that’s the way it goes. I think at the end we just needed to make sure we brought it home. I’d done the job, we’d both done really well to get both cars at the front and it was important we brought it home.

Q: Was there much difference between the hard and softer tyre?
LH: It’s always different. In the test, there was a lot more graining on the softer tyres. Here, there was a lot less graining on the softer tyres but more chunking or blisters. But the tyres felt great, especially the options but it was a very short stint and as I’ve seen, there were already blisters on them, so probably not good to do a long stint on them.

Q: Well Kimi, you did a long stint on the softer tyres and seemed to do a very good job, particularly with a heavy fuel load.
KR: Yeah, the car was working pretty well, not ideal but it was not too bad actually. The first stint was probably better than the second stint. There was no problem with the tyres.

Q: Would you do a one stop again or do you think a two stop would have been better?
KR: I don’t know. I don’t think it would have made much difference for our final position. We were not quick enough in the end, so we couldn’t really do better. That was the main problem.

Q: And when Lewis came out of the pits behind you, did you think second place or was it just a matter of time before he got you?
KR: I knew that they were going to be fast on new tyres. I had some other problems to deal with at that time and I tried but for sure I was expecting him to try to get past me. I did my best but it just wasn’t good enough.

Q: When we spoke on the drivers’ parade, you said you had a stiff neck but you weren’t certain it was going to affect you in the race, or were you? Or did you fear it might?
KR: No, I already felt it yesterday in qualifying, so I pretty much expected it to be good fun in the race, but it turned out to be a bit worse than I expected.

Written by Formula One Addict

September 10th, 2007 at 10:52 am

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