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Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Ron Dennis : The Aftermath of Hungary


Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso
Hungary is over, sorry for no race review, i had to see off my brother at the Airport, so couldnt catch the race. But more interesting is the aftermath. The gloves are off.

Fernando Alonso when asked if he is happy staying at McLaren commented “We’ll see”. He also hinted that McLaren team and engineers are unhapy at Lewis Hamilton for his uproar.

“It’s the same as before the race,” he said.

“Each of us looks at his own interests, trying to do the best race possible, with the best strategy, and I try to do the same with my group of engineers and mechanics.

“But I guess he will have a different relationship with the team in the next race, because I don’t think they are very happy, and I will have the same one.”

Lewis Hamilton on the other hand said that Fernando Alonso just ignores him.

“He doesn’t seem to be speaking to me, so I don’t know if he has a problem,”

“For Fernando, I didn’t disagree with the penalty he had, I thought it was quite right.

“I didn’t feel bad for him. For the team, I felt very, very sorry. They are working day and night to improve the car, and we came here with better pace, so to not be able to extract the maximum points from it is a real shame.

“The relationship with Ron I think is fine.

“He has been someone who has been supporting me for so many years. So something as small as this – if you can call it small – is definitely not going to affect our relationship.

“He understands my point and I understand where he is coming from. For the team it’s not great, but we’ll be fine.

“For me and Fernando I can only try to speak to him, but if he doesn’t want to speak to me, he doesn’t want to speak to me.”

Team Boss Ron Dennis commented as follows ::

“There is a lot of tension in the team between the two drivers, two young drivers who are phenomenally competitive and who lead the drivers’ championship.

“It’s been a very difficult time and both drivers must take responsibility.”

McLaren is a team seriously ripped apart.

Written by Formula One Addict

August 6th, 2007 at 5:34 pm

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