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More Ferrari Anger as Italy erupts over McLaren ruling

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The Stepney Gate saga just keeps on going. After McLaren was let off without a penalty, accusations of being biased were coming already. But it seems now the nation of Italy has joined the protests. Around 1000 Italians visited the blog yesterday with search terms like “McLaren cheaters” and “FIA took money from McLaren” and “Trudy Coughlan an Idiot”.

Although i cant comment on the truthfulness of these statements, my personal opinion is also similar. McLaren have been let off so that things dont become complicated, no one wants Lewis Hamilton to loose his points or McLaren to get banned. To Simply put it, it would be a PR disaster.

Jean Todt was visibly shaken after the hearing and said that the ruling set a serious precedent. And on Friday, Ferrari president joined the protest, Luca Montezemolo said that Ron Dennis admitted in court of having knowledge about the stolen documents.

“I want to say to the fans from all over the world who have been contacting Ferrari, offended by the decision taken in Paris yesterday, that they should remain calm because this story will not end here,” he said.

“Either they are guilty or they aren’t. McLaren were found responsible of having violated the regulations of F1, of having behaved in a fraudulent manner, but they haven’t been punished.

“That’s not all: McLaren during the hearing admitted to have received secret material, and that the knowledge of this operation of espionage arrived at the top level, even to Ron Dennis, and there hasn’t been any penalization. It’s shameful.

“One thing is certain: we at Ferrari can calmly look at ourselves in the mirror. I think others, since yesterday, can’t do the same thing,” He added

Written by Formula One Addict

July 28th, 2007 at 4:26 am

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