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Stepneygate : McLaren let off, Ferrari furious

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Ferrari Espionage Nigel Stepney

As was expected by all, McLaren was let off without any fine or punishment. They were let off due to insufficient evidence that they used the information. But i dont get one thing, their chief designer was keeping this information, what was he keeping it for ? , selling to the scraps store ? , ofcourse he wanted to use it. Anyway, if it wasnt for his dumb wife Trudy Coughlan, he would have succeeded too. The Ferrari team reacted furiously to the acquittal raising accusations of a biased and fraud judgement.

“This decision legitimises dishonest behaviour in F1 and sets a very serious precedent,” said a Ferrari statement.

“We feel this is highly prejudicial to the credibility of the sport.”

“Ferrari … finds it incomprehensible that violating the fundamental principle of sporting honesty does not have, as a logical and inevitable consequence, the application of a sanction,”

“In fact, the decision of the World Council signifies that possession, knowledge at the very highest level and use of highly confidential information acquired in an illicit manner and the acquiring of confidential information over the course of several months, represent violations that do not carry any punishment.

“This is all the more serious as it has occurred in a sport like F1 in which small details make all the difference.” the team statement said.

McLaren on the other hand reaffirmed their commitment to honesty and integrity (you cant imagine how hard i laughed when i read it)

“There is no doubt that the past 24 days have been challenging and the tremendous support we have received from our sponsor partners and the public has been much appreciated.

“Moving forward McLaren wants to re-affirm our long-standing commitment to honesty and integrity and re-state that we believe we have acted correctly throughout.

“Now, we have Formula One World Championships to win. As a result we intend to move on, so as to maintain the focus and commitment required to do exactly that.”

Written by Formula One Addict

July 27th, 2007 at 2:33 pm

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