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Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa faceoff


If you had seen the race, you would have seen at around lap 55, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso had bumped. In formula one racing bumping can be deadly at times. Fernando Alonso had accused Felipe Massa of bumping him deliberately (I think he told him that on the podium, don’t know what he said exactly), apparently Massa took offence to what Fernando Alonso said to him and a war of words followed ::

Felipe Massa ::

“I was really surprised when he came to say I did that on purpose – I would never do something like that on purpose,” insisted Massa.

“Like I said in Barcelona, that was normal, here was normal. It’s going to be like that.”

“So if he was a little bit unhappy, it’s not my problem. I just do my race and I follow the rules of the sport. That’s all.

“If somebody tells me something I did wrong, and I didn’t, I will be unhappy. That is normal.

“But if he has apologised, then that’s fine. He knows he was not right after the race.”

Written by Formula One Addict

July 24th, 2007 at 5:06 am

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