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Indian Formula One journalism at its worst

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This is an excerpt from an article by a certain XYZ (Name Hidden) in the Times of India. And no offence to the guy,  I would blame his editor more .

The so called person reporting on formula one in the Times of India has reported earlier on things ranging from Temples and Secularism etc. to the Supreme Court, at least that’s what the various headlines tell me, do you think I am free enough to read those articles :S , but a nice user of the thesaurus as can be seen from his article’s excerpt.

Besides the faulty logic of urban development being peddled by F1 enthusiasts, the sport itself has no place in today??(tm)s world. F1 racing ??” with apologies to its many fans ??” is an extremely wasteful sport. When the globe is facing an acute energy crunch, it is a shame that a sport where petrol-guzzling cars race each other continues to be encouraged. There are some who would argue that innovations in the design of F1 cars could lead to energy-saving measures. This is a specious argument. The entire rationale of F1 racing is to maximise speed; it has nothing to do with energy saving.

Finally, F1 racing can have pernicious effects in a place like India. Many of the country??(tm)s drivers are possibly the worst in the world. Speed limits mean nothing to them; they usually regard traffic lights as mere decoration. God alone knows how drivers will react when they see F1 cars zipping at 250-plus kmph on a desi racetrack.

Now remember how I had said any Journalist is randomly selected by the Editors in India and told to write formula one stories, and even important ones at that. One would think that a story on Formula one in India requires an experienced Indian journalist. Firstly the journalist comes across as illiterate about the recent Green debate in formula one and I would not be surprised if he actually knows zero about it. He seems to push his views to the reader so strongly that it actually induces vomiting in my opinion.

But the best one is how people will react to cars zipping at 250 kmph plus. Possibly he regards the whole population to be as stupid as him, possibly when he sees planes in the sky he feels like flying his car off the top floor.

But fans of a formula one grand prix in India need not be disheartened.

This is how a friend of mine had replied to the Times of India article :

Don’t worry about TOI.If people making decisions were to be reading Times Of India we would still be in stone age.

So true, shoddy journalism at its best, the future of formula one racing in India cant be decided by such moronic articles. Indian newspapers must hire good formula one journalists or atleast ones who know about the great sport of formula one racing.

Written by Formula One Addict

June 24th, 2007 at 7:13 am

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