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From the first moment, I wasn’t completely comfortable with McLaren: Fernando Alonso

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Please Excuse the shoddy art work. , Moving on though :

First it was Lewis Hamilton , who had accused the McLaren team of bias against him by telling him to slow down at the formula one Monaco Grand Prix. At that time he had exclaimed that he was and was always going to be the number two driver of the McLaren formula one team.

But now the tables have turned literally, with World Champion Fernando Alonso accusing McLaren of British bias.

“From the first moment, I wasn’t completely comfortable. I am in an English team, with an English team-mate, who is doing brilliantly,” Fernando Alonso said.

But damage control was quickly in place, with the McLaren team again going on record and denying any sort of bias. Ron Dennis was quickly made to give the following statement :

“It’s completely understandable that the results of each Grand Prix are going to provide both the British and the Spanish media with an opportunity to hang on every word that the drivers say.

“Fernando’s comments when read carefully are correct, he hasn’t been with the team long and the relationship can only continue to develop.

“The team is not going to do anything to jeopardize this positive and growing partnership.” , Ron Dennis said

This kind of infighting cant be good for anyone related to the team. By now the mechanics must be feeling pressurized. The drivers wont be concentrating on racing. And the average formula one fan must be a hell of a lot confused. Lets hope the McLaren team will soon be able to sort out the mess created by their drivers. If it were any other profession, i am sure companies would have placed their employees under gag orders or even fired them.

Written by Formula One Addict

June 13th, 2007 at 3:00 pm

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