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Hamilton trained and censored by McLaren


I had talked earlier that Hamilton must have been properly censored by the McLaren team for his comments after the formula one Monaco Grand Prix. And i wasn’t wrong, at Monaco he had said that he was the number 2 driver. But suddenly everyone’s equal, obviously the McLaren formula one team has taught him well. My problem is not with his statement, but the obviousness that these are obviously not his feelings. I guess he should have been a little less diplomatic now or a little more diplomatic earlier.

“I have got a real strong belief in them and all the guys want to win. No-one is biased, they are very, very level and very equal.”

“I could see it was just getting bigger and bigger. I was quite surprised that such a big thing was made out of it.

“Alonso did a fantastic job in the race and there is no doubt he did the best job and deserved to win.

“My time will come, though. I am only 22; we have got time.”

“I feel the team is going to give me the car, me and Fernando, to win and I feel it is going to come down to the end .

“It will just be at the end who is the most consistent and who makes the least mistakes.” Lewis Hamilton said

He also spoke about former formula one driver Jacques Villeneuve’s recent comments about his ‘dangerous moves’ :

“Jacques deserves to have his opinions about it and I can respect that, but this is formula one racing,” Lewis Hamilton said.

“If you are cutting across people, being dangerous and possibly taking them out, then I would totally agree. But that has not been the case in any of the races I have seen.

“It has not been dangerous up until now and I think you can see that it is for the FIA to make the choice.”

Written by Formula One Addict

June 8th, 2007 at 3:09 pm

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