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F1 Controversies : Formula One and Team Orders

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**Warning : Seasoned F1 fans may find this post boring**

While those of us watching formula one are well aware of the team orders controversy caused by Ferrari’s actions at Austria in 2002, the new spectators of the sport are bound to be left confused. So we bring them the reason why the recent McLaren controversy caused such a furore in the world of Formula One. First let us attempt to define team orders rather than assuming ambiguous definitions.

In my opinion, Team Orders can be defined as the act of allowing past your teammate or not challenging your teammate while racing for a broader gain like a one in the driver’s championship. Allegedly and quite obviously this had been happening for a long time in formula one.

2002 Austrian Grand Prix

Till the last lap it looked like a certain Rubens Barrichello victory, but just as he was to cross the start finish line, he was told to slow down and let Michael Schumacher pass so that he could gain more in the driver’s championship. The actions drew a lot of criticism, and the FIA decided to ban team orders influencing the final finishing order of a race.

Rubens Barrichello Michael Schumacher 2002 Austrian Grand Prix


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June 1st, 2007 at 1:26 pm

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