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Flashback : My F1 Chronicles


I was 8 years old or young i should say that time, and a HUGE F1 fan. My fellow classmates thought i was a loon. While the rest of India was engrossed in cricket and its kind, i was interested by only 1 sport, formula one. The races at Europe used to start at around 5:15 pm  in India. On Sundays that was the time my mom and dad would like to watch their own serials and not formula one. Hence it would be one tough task to persuade them to give up the elusive remote control to their 10 year old younger son and watch cars going around in clockwise or anticlockwise circles. But my childish charm and innocence would do the trick.

Once i got the remote though it was a different story. We watch formula one here on Star Sports. The channel used to have a Race Day before the actual race with all the news round-ups from the top formula one teams. I used to love hearing about the teams , the drivers, the politics and everything else that mattered in F1. No one could get me away from the TV, no one !

I used to sit from 5:15 to about 8:30 till the trophies were distributed to the drivers. During the race i would explain the rules of the sport to my dad, who would often awe at the quick tyre changes and wish he could order one of those for his car. Often i would be teased about my craze for formula one, my dad would tell me that the Ferrari formula one car which i adored wont even last a kilometer on Indian Roads, and he was right, but thankfully India is a super rich country now, and New Delhi where i live is the richest state of India apart from being the National Capital which means we get good roads now a days at most places. So that means if  i can procure a F1 car someday, might just take it around for a spin.

My motivation behind this post is to take the F1 fan in you into the past. Delve into that past of yours and rediscover the magic for the great sport that formula one is.


How did you start watching formula one ? ,Got any special incident you would like to share? Comment Away !

Written by Formula One Addict

May 30th, 2007 at 1:10 pm

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