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F1 Controversies: 1998 Belgian Grand Prix


The 1998 Belgian Grand Prix. One of the most amazing races in recent times and personally one of my biggest favourites, the race had everything, action, drama, swearing, team orders and ofcourse rain. After Qualifying, Mika Hakkinen was first in his McLaren Mercedes while Michael Schumacher was a distant fourth at the grid. Around 13 cars crashed out on the 1st lap (LOL) and the race was red flagged to clear the track up. Most teams restarted their drivers in spare cars, however with only a limited number of spare cars, the lesser mortals(the no.2 drivers) had to be content with watching the race from the paddocks rather than driving in it.

Controversy Number 1

Belgian Grand Prix
The race restarted and the master of wet tracks Michael Schumacher was absolutely unstoppable, he was lapping MUCH faster than the other cars and quickly gained the lead. He was about 2 minutes ahead of rest of the pack. It was looking like a certain victory for Michael. But alas, while overtaking Coulthard, Coulthard brake tested Schumacher , which made Schumacher lose a wheel and lose the race. It could have been a very serious accident also. Coulthard had later admitted that such a move could have had dire consequences for either of them and admitted his fault in June 2003 in an interview. Anyway, both Schumacher and Coulthard headed back into the pits, Schumacher on 3 wheels ofcourse. But as soon as he reached the garage, Schumacher jumped out , tore the race mask off of his face(still remember this, a part of it actually stuck to his face) and almost punched Coulthard in the face. And here is what he allegedly told David Coulthard

Michael Schumacher: Are you trying to f****** kill me?

David Coulthard (blank)

Visibly shaken and stirred, David Coulthard later rejoined the race in the hope that more cars may crash, but only 8 cars crossed the finish line with Coulthard in 7th place failing to score any points (only top 6 used to get points)

Controversy Number 2

It was Damon Hill now in the lead for the Jordan team, with Ralf Schumacher in second place. It was looking like Ralf would actually overtake Damon. But it was Monaco 2007 there too, Ralf was told to back off as the race was pretty much in the bag and they didnt want Ralf to lose control and end his or Damon’s race. On the podium you could see the sadness on Ralf Schumacher’s face just like you could see it on Lewis Hamilton’s face.

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May 30th, 2007 at 2:50 pm

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