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Flying Lap of Monaco with me

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Its time to head to Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix 2007, but i am sitting in my bedroom and experiencing the thrills.

Ok, so video games have certain advantages šŸ˜› , i present you a flying lap of the Monaco circuit as on my PS2 ( PS3 is too expensive in case you wonder !).

So , the five red lights illuminate and then go out to start the Monaco Grand Prix for the umpteenth time this season, i acccelerate hard, but brake equally quick for the first corner i.e. the Killer corner (i call it that). This is a corner which all newbies get wrong the first time while playing, the experienced chap always knows that the first corner in Monaco is super hard braking, the rest just crash into the wall (100% certain).

As you take the turn, you start going uphill, currently on gear 5 i am. I take a relatively quick left and right at the casino narrowly avoiding the barriers, the thing about Monaco is that there is no-where to go if you miscaclculate a turn except straight into a wall (not a nice feeling).

I take a sharp right hander and hard on the brakes again for the hairpin curve. Now i am about to enter the best part of the track, the tunnel, atleast in the game, this is the place to overtake if you have setup your car for straight line speed, sixth gear , i love it.

But dont be carried away by the majestic tunnel, right after the tunnel is a hard square chicane (Nouvelle Chicane). Brake Brake Brake i tell myself and stomp my foot hard on the ground and also press the appropriate button on the remote control just in case.

I take the chicane like a pro would at just the right speed. The rest of the track is relatively straight and uneventful from the swimming pool to the Rascasse. I take the final sequence of corners and Michael Schumacher wins the Monaco Grand Prix by 3 seconds. Woohoooo !

Monaco Grand Prix circuit

Written by Formula One Addict

May 24th, 2007 at 2:05 am

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