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Spanish Grand Prix 2007 Preview

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Circuit De Catalunya
Spanish Grand Prix 2007 : 11th May to 13th May weekend.

The buildup has been intense and interesting to the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix. The four week long break was just what formula one needed, to make stupid Dumbo Ear wings (see previous posts) , to crash and destroy cars in testing and to do a lot more.

We head into the Grand Prix, with three drivers on 22 points, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are all on 22 points heading into the European leg of the F1 season. Who will break ahead of the pack, my bet is on Kimi or Alonso. Kimi Raikkonen has everything going for him, a great car, confidence etc.

Fernando Alonso on the other hand must be feeling terribly insecure after seeing Lewis Hamilton racing as good as him and he will use his experience to prove a point in Spain. I am sure by now every formula one driver is jealous of Lewis Hamilton’s fame and success so early in his career. So everyone will be racing extra hard against the rookie. But this also means they will make mistakes more often and eventually it might be advantage Hamilton only.

Also the final straight at the Circuit De Catalunya has been messed with. As some of you might be aware the final straight now has a chicane to make the circuit more safe and overtaking friendly. Spanish home-hero Fernando Alonso was really happy with the changes to the circuit.

“One of the downsides of Barcelona is that overtaking has always been very difficult, as the two corners that led onto the main straight were always very high speed and it was difficult to get a tow and get close to the guy in front. This will now change.” Fernando Alonso said.

Also having to prove a point are the Renault team, something is terribly wrong with the team, in-fighting, poor performances, definitely not the Renault we know, lets see if they have done something to make their performances better. Briatore really needs to do something to get the team back together, reminds us of the Ferrari fiasco in 2005, when after dominating 2004 they were in sorry circumstances. But at that time Ferrari specific rule changes had been done to kill the season for them, Renault does not have that to deal with atleast.

Who according to you will win the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix ?

Written by Formula One Addict

May 8th, 2007 at 4:06 am

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