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McLaren’s Formula One Bridge

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Seems like the Mechanical Engineers at formula one teams are being paid pretty low or exorbitantly high these days, they are coming up with weirder and weirder designs for front and nose wings to be used on f1 cars, this is the one from McLaren which we had missed out earlier before the Honda Dumbo Wings story. You decide what the wing looks like , it has an extra bridge like thing on top of everything else ! , Formula One is growing weirder by the minute !

McLaren new radical Wing

It looks much cooler than the Dumbo f1 wings, that’s for sure !

I can see the British press going crazy again , Is Lewis Hamilton behind this innovation? ? , what does Lewis Hamilton feel about this ? , Did Lewis Hamilton approve this ? and a lot more !

Written by Formula One Addict

May 5th, 2007 at 4:07 am

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