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Bahrain Grand Prix

Bahrain is over and now its time to zip over to Spain for the next round of formula one, but whats cooking up trackside ? Is Button still going to stick with Honda ?
This is the question on a lot of lips, his manager insists that Button has little intentions of leaving the Honda F1 team for anyone else.

“Jenson is still supporting Honda,” said Richard Goddard, Jenson Button’s manager.

“Clearly, the team isn’t where it should be but we’re not going to jump ship. We’re not shopping around and I’m not talking to anyone at the moment.”

Well Button surely has been the sad story of formula one, and now with Lewis Hamilton emerging as a biggie, he has been reduced to receiving super step-motherly treatment from the people of Britain.

On a side-note, why does formula one merchandise have to be so expensive, it forces real f1 fans to go in for the fake stuff. This is just a hint to all those who might want to gift me a ferrari or a mclaren jacket or sweatshirt 😛

And on popular demand Lewis Hamilton’s post race interview at the Bahrain Grand Prix :

Lewis Hamilton
Q: Lewis, congratulations, let??(tm)s hear about that first lap first of all, it was very close?
Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, unfortunately I didn??(tm)t get as good a start as Felipe, he did very well down to the first corner. He managed to keep his place and I had to make sure I stayed as close behind as possible to maybe have a chance on the first lap, but I think we were fairly well matched. I tried to stay as close as possible until we came in to pit and I knew that he was going a lap more than me. I struggled a little bit in the second stint but Kimi was very strong at the end.

Q: Can you talk a little about that second stint. Why was that, you were still on the soft tyres at that point?
Lewis Hamilton : Yeah, I was still on the softs but the car was quite a bit different with the scrubbed tyres and I had quite a bit more understeer. I guess that was really where I was losing, the balance wasn??(tm)t very good and I was unable to brake as late and carry as much speed through certain corners and therefore I was losing a lot of time to Felipe. But then we got back onto the hard tyre and I was able to keep up the pace.

Q: It looked as if you saw quite a lot of Anthony Davidson??(tm)s oil as well towards the end?
Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, I don??(tm)t know if that was oil, or what, but it looked as if something was damaged on his car. But I think the marshals did a great job today and the stewards, getting the blue flags out. I think it was a lot better here than it has been in the past and so fair dos to them.

Q: You have made history today ??” three successive rookie podiums. Your thoughts on that?
Lewis Hamilton: Sweet! I??(tm)m happy with it. I think this weekend we have definitely closed the gap to Ferrari and to have another second in only my third race, I couldn??(tm)t ask for more. There??(tm)s only one more step for me and we??(tm)ll be pushing and making sure that in Barcelona we??(tm)ll be just as quick.

Q: Lewis, for the first time in history you (as a debutant) are on the podium (three times) and you are leading the championship. How do you feel now?
Lewis Hamilton : I??(tm)m still third, right? I??(tm)m still effectively third. But it??(tm)s fantastic, obviously, to be equal on points with Fernando and Kimi. I think the team??(tm)s done a fantastic job. I think we had a very good pace this weekend, possibly the pace to be on pole but I think Felipe did a fantastic job in qualifying and in the race. Usually the Ferraris start to pull away during the stint but we generally had similar pace, if not quicker in both first and last stints, so I think we??(tm)ve made a fantastic step forward and I??(tm)m really happy for the team. I know this break coming up is going to be really good, we are going to be working extremely hard to make sure we make some more steps forward, to make sure that we go to Barcelona even quicker.

Image Credits – Toyota and McLaren

Written by Formula One Addict

April 28th, 2007 at 3:15 am

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