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Second Life for Renault

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Despite their poor show so far in the season, Renault just cant keep themselves out of the news. This time they are in news for being the first formula one team to enter the virtual world of Second Life. Lets see if the move is a commercial one aimed to make money, despite whatever they may claim about oneness etc. Second life has a budding economy of its own and the virtual currency on offer has an exchange rate with the US dollar !

Renault Second Life
Doesn’t the virtual Heiki Kovalainen look a lot more happier than his flesh and blood version ?

The Press Release follows :
The ING Renault F1 Team is pleased to announce its forthcoming entry into Second Life?(r), becoming the first Formula 1 team to exploit the unique opportunities for fan interaction offered by virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are a fast-growing component of the modern online universe, which are now evolving into new communities where people can express themselves without physical limitations. It is estimated that between 50 and 70 million people worldwide have virtual lives, with 34 million in China alone. Openness and approachability sit at the very heart of the ING Renault F1 Team??(tm)s Formula 1 philosophy. Since 2003, the team??(tm)s city-centre Roadshow programme has brought the F1 experience to more than 1.5 million people around the globe, and its unique online activities include broadcasting live telemetry via its team website during the races. The team??(tm)s presence in Second Life?(r) reinforces these virtues, helping to put enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike behind-the-scenes with a championship-winning Formula 1 team. The experience is designed to take them closer to the dedication, technological excellence and teamwork required to achieve Formula 1 success, alongside a number of unique interactive virtual experiences. For the first time, people with a shared interest and a desire to connect have a place where they can meet without travelling. In this virtual world, they can share and communicate their enthusiasm, making it the perfect venue for connecting a community of fans spread around the globe. Working closely with Rivers Run Red (who in 2003, inside Second Life?(r), became the first agency to set up shop in a virtual world), the ING Renault F1 Team aims to offer a unique experience that will put the public in contact with the team and its personnel. Visitors will be nothing less than virtual team members!

Second Life is a trademark of Linden Labs

Image Credit : Renault F1 team

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April 25th, 2007 at 7:41 am

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