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Can Kimi be the Schumi in Malaysia ?

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Ferrari have a record to keep, that of the maximum number of wins on the Sepang circuit where every year the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix is held. But if we see the 4 wins Ferrari has had on the track, 3 have been courtesy Michael Schumacher. And if anyone remembers the 1999 race in which Eddie Irvine won, it was Michael Schumacher who handed the race to Eddie after dominating it throughout so that he could contend for the driver’s championship(Michael had had an accident at Silverstone that year) . So the question is that can Ferrari win at Sepang without Micheal ?

Lets skip to the current year and to the 2007 formula one season, things are different, it time already for the 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix, different rivals, different machines and ofcourse no Michael Schumacher. Ferrari will be pinning all of their hopes on the iceman Kimi Raikkonen after his spectacular start to the season. For the past two years , the Renaults have been winning at Sepang. The 2005 version was son by Fernando Alonso and the 2006 Malaysian Grand Prix was won by Giancarlo Fisichella in their Renaults. Kimi Raikkonen surely has momentum on his side, but recent worries about his engine troubles so make the prospects look dodgy. And then there is Felipe Massa, its only 1 race and dont forget it was an unlucky one for Massa, he will want to take the position of the number one driver in Ferrari desperately and would certainly not let any Finnish teammate come in his way.

We can speculate all we want, but the final result will come only on April 8th 2007, when the 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix will be GO GO GO !!!!!

Who will win, who will fail, who will be the next apprentice, next Schumi is more appropriate !

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