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Formula One 2007 Season Preview of Sorts


So the BIG one is almost here. Michael Schumacher will no longer be burning the formula one tracks after 12 long years at the Zenith of the sport. As has been said by many before , the noble sport of F1 has only two kinds of people, those who love Michael Schumacher or those who love to hate him. And for these two different kinds of people in the sport of F1, it invokes two equal and opposite feelings , joy and sorrow respectively.

This particular season also springs up surprises (I prefer to call it a season of contradictions). Now F1 is a funny sport, a lot of the time, things don’t make sense, it might make sense to us who are watching the sport for a long time, but some things sure leave the general lot confused.

After winning two successive titles with the Renault team, World Champion Fernando Alonso decides its time to shift gears and enters the McLaren team. Moreover the ‘World Champion’ has a rookie Lewis Hamilton as his partner, and I have heard people predicting a kick to the butt of Alonso by Lewis.

Renault, wasn’t able to retain their current champion Fernando Alonso, but did however retain his teammate Giancarlo Fisichella, whom many are of the opinion does not deserve another drive , atleast not with a top team. He also has a Finn for company in the form of Rookie Heikki Kovalainen (what’s the thing with Fins and F1).

The ‘iceman’ Finn Kimi Raikonnen moves from the McLaren team to the Ferrari formula one team, replacing arch rival Michael Schumacher. Now some while some Ferrari fans actually welcome Kimi into the family, others who are staunch Michael Schumacher supporters feel that the Finn really cant ever be a replacement for Michael Schumacher, no one can be , do they want only one driver for Ferrari ?. Then there is the anticipation about Michael’s role in the Ferrari Formula one team, will he be team principal or will he just be a mere spectator with access to vital Ferrari formula one testing stats on his home personal computer(Doesn’t that already make him one of sorts?). Then Felipe Massa, the Brazilian with contacts in the Ferrari team who could secure him a drive but sadly only with Schumacher till now , this year has a lot to prove. Till now its popular opinion that he was always the second string driver(BTW did you know the term second string comes from Archery, came in a quiz I went to), but now Ferrari have claimed both drivers will be given equal freedom to become the number one drivers of the team, huh ? , what happened to the Ferrari i know ?

Another biggie was the ‘Green Earth’ livery by Honda, many welcomed it as a great gesture. Others however were a lot more criticizing, often making valid arguments about F1 actually doing harm to the environment and that Honda didn’t have any big sponsors to show on their livery (LOL) and hence the weird paint job.

Toyota and Williams have now been officially marked as B-Grade teams, Frank Williams in an interview said that he was ashamed of his team’s recent performance and seriously hoped they would improve this year. Toyota too have learnt that pumping millions of dollars will not always get you results , atleast not here in F1, so you might want to give a part of your team budget to me.

And what’s up with the Jordan team, the Midland team, the Spyker team. After changing hands from Eddie Jordan to a Russian Tycoon, the team is now finally Spyker F1 and will hopefully not need a name change for a long time to come. Spyker also revealed a new livery which has been termed as being more TV friendly, the earlier one was imposed in haste when the Midland f1 team was sold.

Meanwhile, our blog’s often misunderstood hero Juan Pablo Montoya is also having a little success, looks like after all the crashing and making your car a fireball thing he did, he has finally settled into the NASCAR routine and has just won a race in front of a strong Mexican crowd.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you did , please comment and tell us about your views, I believe I have given you adequate material to flame me.

Written by Formula One Addict

March 8th, 2007 at 5:07 am

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