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Ferrari F2007 Revealed !


Ferrari released their F2007 Challenger car today. The earlier car was called 248 signifying 2.4 litres and 8 cylinders. The paint job (livery) is stunning to say the least. The car is absolutely a work of art. Front wings and Rear Wings are Red (Scarlet) with Marlboro no longer being the sponsors of Ferrari due to ban on tobacco advertising (in some countries). Apart from the paint job , the car also features a new chasis redesigned to meet stricter 2007 norms and redesigned front and rear wings. Vodafone no longer appear on the car , and Alice does (its an italian company). The car also features a new suspension.
‘It’s always like having a new baby,’ said Massa when asked about how it would be like taking the car on its maiden run on Monday. Massa and Raikonnen will be driving for the Scuderia Ferrari formula one team this season.

Ferrari F2007

Photo Released by Ferrari

Turns out Marlboro are still sponsors , the colour has been changed for subliminal advertising ! Thanks Don !

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January 15th, 2007 at 9:09 am

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