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2007 : Can Raikkonen finally do it ?

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Kimi Raikkonen

Born on 17th October , he shares his birthday with my brother , so i cant be all skeptic about his stars. To tell you the truth i have hated Kimi all my life , primarily as he was against Michael Schumacher all his life and because his name rhymed with Hakkinen (Dont get me started on that). Anyway , Kimi takes a bold step this season , leaving McLaren for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team. Kimi had started Kart Racing at the age of ten , his career grew at leaps and bounds , with him dominating the Formula Renault Series in 2000.

He first break in formula one came from the Sauber team and he has never looked back since. But most people cant help but be skeptic about his chances with Ferrari. The Ferrari fan in me says that he can continue Schumacher’s legacy , but common sense tells me otherwise. Starting with a new team is never easy , and plus if you are expected to fill the shoes of arguably the finest driver ever in the sport , the sailing just doesnt look smooth. Kimi has his work cut for him. Felipe Massa too would like to have a share of the pie. Being the number 2 man for soo long must have made him want to make amends and take charge. He would surely want to steal Kimi’s thunder and make things even tuffer for him.

For more , lets hold our breaths for the 2007 Formula One Season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimi Raikkonen Career Statistics

Country Finland
Current team Scuderia Ferrari
Grands Prix Caps 102
Driver World Championships 0
Wins 9
Podium finishes 36
Pole positions 12
Fastest laps 19
First Grand Prix 2001 Australian Grand Prix
First win 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
Last win 2005 Japanese Grand Prix
Last Grand Prix 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix
2006 Championship position 5th (65 points)

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January 13th, 2007 at 4:58 pm

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