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When the master hung his boots


This post is an earlier one which came straight from the heart.
Warning – this is a highly opinionated post

Michael has been my reason for watching Formula One since 1997 , while my fellow classmates were bored by the loud sounds of engines roaring , i on the other hand loved every moment of it and enjoyed it to full , most of my friends wouldnt even understand the concept of pit-stops and tyre changes then. But my interest was not in these array of machines vrooming around the track but Michael , i remember an action replay once , cars negotiating a chicane , one car negotiated it and the commentator said “this is how the pros do it” , then it was Schumi’s turn and he simply glided “This is how Michael Schumacher does it”. My mind was made then and there , such great talent , such precision , such superiority, F1 was going to be my fave sport and so it remained even afterwards, season after season , seeing Schumi win , seeing him lose too, but never once did Schumi look old to me , that same graceful drive each time.

Then there were bad times too , when Schumi broke his leg in Silverstone missing most part of the season, it was bad , i missed most of the season as F1 without Schumi is like Golgappa without? (Beef without mustard for the english), A car without tyres etc. Then one day in the morning , Japenese Grand Prix Qualifying , thee he was Michael Schumacher’s name was there , i felt elated , Schumi was back and so was my interest.

I dont have words to say how i feel right now, but if Schumi ever reads this (lots of time on hand now) , thanks for giving me my passion for F1. This post shall be a tribute to the great Schumi , hope you come back.

Leaving you with some of his quotes from the press confrence

“I have decided that I am going to retire from racing. It has been an exceptional time,”

“What motorsport has given to me in more than 30 years, I have loved every moment of it, good and bad.

“Words are not enough and whatever I say now will never fully express how much I love this fascinating world of motor sport and all it has given me. I am profoundly grateful for everything I have had.

“It has been a tough decision to not work at this level. The day has come and I felt this is the moment.

“It has naturally been difficult, but all the effort, energy and motivation you need in order to be competitive, I cannot see I have that for further years.”

Written by Formula One Addict

January 6th, 2007 at 3:16 pm

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